Blackjack is a game of Australian online casinos. It is a game with the old history and an impressive fan club at present times. Another name for this perfect activity is twenty-one (a message of the main goal).

Film directors and writers like including blackjack in their masterpieces. So, you probably found out about this game in books or movies. No wonder! It has a simple nature but at the same time extremely intriguing gameplay. Are you interested? QualityCasinos prepared an effective guide for this game.

Few words about rules and strategies

You can try blackjack games at trusted Australian online casinos. Blackjack is a game of skills. In this activity you should deal with its rules and take care of different strategies. Here is a small example. Blackjack is called a solving game. It is connected with the fact that all decisions should be proven in mathematical way (it is a basic strategy of Twenty-one). Moreover, you can find plenty of strategies and charts for playing blackjack and increasing winning chances. But you should be careful – find a strategy that will suit you in the case of your goals and gambling level.

Blackjack has 5 primary steps that players can do during the game. They are called:

  1. Stand. Use this option if there is no need to take an additional card;
  2. Hit is a step for taking one more card from a deck. It is necessary if you want to make your hand better;
  3. Split is a step when you can take a hand that is paired or take two cards that are individual;
  4. Surrender or simply giving up;
  5. Double down. Here you can double your wager and take only one extra card.

These steps make a fundament of any blackjack strategy.

Blackjack variations

As every gambling product, blackjack has different types. All these variants are interesting and have their special features. We want to present you five variants of modern online blackjack. They are:

  • Standard type with common rules;
  • Type with a free bet. Here everything is usual, except for one aspect – you have a unique opportunity to split and double down absolutely for free. Nines, tens, and elevens can be doubled only;
  • Infinite type. Imagine only! All players will get the same hands. However, they can play with these hands independently;
  • Switch type. If you have 2 hands you can switch out your cards
  • Type with side bets. There are plenty of side bets in blackjack. It can be bets on pairs, bets of flush plus (here you can get super-massive payouts in case you have mini royal flush or a straight flush), or bets of Rummy (you can get more than fourteen payouts if you have a straight or a flush).