The world of online gambling is so huge. There are plenty of bright casino games, and craps is one of the examples of them. Craps has a long history and stay popular nowadays. It is a game that is based on dice, and in line with fortune. That is not it you need to know about craps. Stay with Qualitycasinos and get information about the special features of this casino game.

Useful tips for newcomers

If you are a newbie in craps it is important to pay attention to terms, numbers, and rules. However, do not be afraid to play this game. It is easy. You need nearly three minutes to deal with the effective hints to get perfect results in craps. Why just 3 minutes? The answer is simple. It is connected with the fact that it is enough to learn carefully the main rules of this game:

The first step is to select online casino site and learn its terms and conditions;

A roll of come-out type lies at the start of every craps round. It is one of the first terms you need to deal with before starting to play this gambling product;

The shooter is a person (player) who throws a pair of dice, so, the gameplay will be spent like that: you will press a button that is called “roll” and in this case, you are the shooter;

There are various types of bets that are available. Case in point, you can use an option of pass or not pass bets, come bet or field, etc.;

Every game starts by creating a bet of a pass line;

Seven or eleven numbers mean the winning for bettors of pass, at the same time two, three, or twelve mean loss;

Other numbers automatically become the point. In this case, other bets are available.

Interesting facts about craps

Every casino game is full of interesting facts and funny moments. Speaking about craps we want to tell you about five fascinating aspects of this iGaming product:

  • There are thirty-six possible dice combinations;
  • The largest bet in the craps history was made in 2002. An anonymous player won 57 million dollars and all of them for solid 8. If you are interested in such a decision of this player not to buy just his place at the gaming table, we can say that he wanted not to share his winning with someone else;
  • Players of online craps say that there is the unlucky number there. Yes! Unlucky! It is about the number of seven. When this number occurs on the dice it will mean not to play or some kind of setup;
  • The record in craps was fixed in 1992. This year Archie Karas won 40 million dollars;
  • The minimum number of players is four. It is connected with offline craps mostly. At least four people should run this game for the correct operating. There are obviously 2 dealers at a table. They place bets, and move gaming chips. There is a stickman who gives dice to a player. Moreover, there is a box person who records the results of every roll.