Roulette is famous. You definitely saw this game in films, found it in different books, or even heard it in songs.

Do you want to learn about online roulette, its types, and useful tips for playing? You are surely in the right place. The team of Qualitycasinos prepared for you an informative guide where you can find everything to start your way in roulette gambling. So, before you make your first bet look through this article.

types of online roulette

Few words about roulette

It is a known fact that roulette is a game that is based on fortune. This gambling product has a long history from its start in Paris in the late 1700s to online variants of this game.

Nowadays, this game is played all around the world. Moreover, this game is popular with newbies in the world of Australian online casinos. No wonder! Roulette is simple to understand and easy to play. No difficult rules or huge strategies to deal with. So, the player`s goal is the prediction of a number where the ball can land. That`s it!

A little hint for beginners. The wheel of roulette has 37 or 38 sections with numbers. The quantity of numbers depends on the type of roulette.

Types of online roulette

This unique game has different types. They are European, French, and American roulettes. They are very similar but still, there are some aspects you should pay attention to.

The peculiarity of American roulette is the availability of double zero on the gaming table. Be careful! This double zero reduces the winning odds.

European roulette has just one section with zero. In this case, the house edge is equal to 2.7 percent. This fact makes this type a bit favourable than others.

The next type is French roulette. There are plenty of French terms that can confuse players, especially if they try this game for the first time. Taking into account winning chances, we can say that this type of roulette is the best one. The house edge here is 1.35 percent. There is no double zero but you can meet some additional options. Case in point, la partage is the option when the player will get half of his stack back in case the ball will stop on zero.

Significant steps for playing roulette

Regardless of the fact that roulette is a game of luck players should know some effective steps for playing this game:

  • First, select what type of roulette you want to play;
  • Secondly, take a table and put your bet on it;
  • Push the button “Spin” and the wheel will start spinning;
  • The ball will land on an appropriate number;
  • Did you win a game? Congratulations! Your money prize will be automatically paid to your account at a Australian online casino.