Video poker is a perfect collaboration of the great enjoyment of poker and intriguing slot machines. This unique gambling product can be found at almost every Australian online casino. Do you want to get more information about this gambling game? You can do it together with Qualitycasinos. Our team prepared for you a useful guide on special features of video poker, its types, and essential rules.

 types of video poker

What is video poker?

Video poker is a famous iGaming product that has a draw of 5 cards. It can be gambled on machines like online slots have or at dependable online casinos. Moreover, you can find fixed odds there. However, video poker has one main difference from online slots – you will play your hand in the best and most suitable way paying attention to a combination of poker hands.

Steps for gambling video poker

Video poker is full of different variations. But they all are based on the combination of cards of five. Players have cards in their hands and the other five cards on the table, due to all these boards, gamblers will collect their winning combination. We prepared for you effective tips on how to start your way at video poker:

  • Make a deposit at a reliable online casino;
  • Find a great variant of this game;
  • Make a bet;
  • Push the button “Deal” to get your start hand;
  • Emit useful cards in your opinion;
  • Get cards of replacement;
  • If you win your winnings will be paid taking into account the paytable.

Steps for winning

Video poker has different strategies that can help to increase the winning chances of online casino enthusiasts. When you select a perfect guide focus on two aspects that are fundamental for video poker:

✔️ Choose a game with the highest percentage of RTP (like online slots have);

✔️ Take into consideration a mathematical manner for every hand (count possible outs, think about the ranking of your hand, etc.).

Be ready to see so many strategies for video poker. They all have different attitudes and aims. Make a choice according to your own goals and interests.

Video poker variations

There is a good great deal of variations of this gambling product. Let`s have a close look at 4 of the most famous and playable types of this gambling product. They are:

  • Jacks or more is the most known type of this gambling activity. The name of this variant is the flowchart is self-explanatory. The minimum hand for winning is a jacks` pair.
  • In Snake eyes a pair of twos has a unique power. If you have such a pair in your hands you can substitute it for any card. It will help to “improve” your hand.
  • Bonus poker is about a juicy bonus in case you get a four of any kind.
  • Bonus with doubling will be presented for you if your hand is a four of Aces.