Top Bonuses at Quality Casinos

There’s hardly anything that online gamblers love more than bonuses. While quality casino bonuses come in all forms and sizes depending on the casino’s imagination, most of the time they take the form of money prizes and free spins. How can bonuses level up your gambling experience? What are the most popular bonus types out there? What things should be considered when accepting a bonus? When should one pass on a bonus? In this quick guide, we’re going to answer there and other fundamental questions about bonuses at quality casinos. Buckle up, it’s going to be quite a ride!

top bonuses at quality casinos

Types of casino bonuses

Quality casinos are incessantly coming up with new ways to encourage their clients and win their loyalty. After all, bonuses work like a charm when it comes to building up the player base and boosting the reputation. Some casinos have truly impressive bonus systems with cash gifts for literally any occasion that you can imagine, whether it’s your first deposit, birthday, registration anniversary, or national holiday.

In this chapter, we’re going to concentrate on the most widespread bonuses that you’re likely to find at quality casinos:

Quality casino bonuses: Pros

Casino bonuses have their advantages as well as drawbacks. Luckily for players, bonuses still have more positive sides than negative ones. Since we’re generally in favor of using bonuses, it’s only logical that we start with the benefits that they can bring to casino enthusiasts.

Quality casino bonuses: Cons

As you might already know, bonuses are not as rosy as they may seem to a naive gambler. Let’s take a look at the dangers that quality casino bonuses bring with them and how to find a reasonable way to overcome these pitalls.

Figuratively speaking, a casino bonus is just the tip of an iceberg that you can see above the water surface. But the largest and most dangerous part of this iceberg that is lurking underwater is - as you’ve probably already guessed - the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are a fee that a quality casino charges a gambler for using a bonus. This is how wagering requirements work. If, say, you claimed a $100 bonus that comes with a x20 wager, you’ll have to spend $2,000 on the gambling site before you can withdraw your bonus and winnings.

And as if that was not enough, gambling games are not equally eligible for fulfilling the wagering requirements. For example, slot machines contribute 100% of the player’s bets to meeting the requirements. As for roulette, blackjack, and other table games, the percentage is smaller, ranging from 5% to 50%. Plus, you can’t take all the time in the world to release the bonuses. Most of the time, you’ll only have several days to do that. Sounds pretty harsh, huh?

On top of that, bonuses may act like a trap, especially when it comes to rookie gamblers. When seeing eye-grabbing bonus promos on a casino site, it’s really hard to fight the feeling to grab them all. If you claim one lavish welcome bonus after another, you’ll end up with a pretty big sum of money on your hands. This may give you an illusion of actually owning all this fortune. This is a misleading thought though. You need to remember that this money belongs to the casino until you’ve released all the bonuses that have been given to you.

How to beat wagering requirements

If all this hasn't yet killed your desire to use bonuses, here’s how you can manage. Allow us to give you a few tips on how you can avoid the trap of wagering requirements and make the most out of bonuses.

FAQ on popular casino bonuses

- Do I have to accept bonuses from a quality casino?

- No, you don’t. Whether to take or not to take a bonus is for the player to decide. There’s no way a casino can force you into accepting a bonus. Also, if you’re playing gambling games for free in demo mode, you don’t need bonuses at all. No headache about meeting the wagering requirements!

- Do all bonuses come with wagering requirements?

- It’s getting increasingly hard to find a bonus without any strings attached. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Some quality casinos do offer wager-free signup bonuses. Newly registered players can get a free bonus that they don’t need to release afterwards. The only drawback is that such bonuses are usually quite small in size and don't make a big difference when it comes to your bankroll. Plus, burgeoning gambling platforms also tend to lure in new players with wager-free bonuses. Be careful with no-name casinos though. Be sure to do a thorough check (license, player reviews, etc.) before you sign up with a new casino and claim a bonus from it.

- What will happen if I fail to meet wagering requirements? Will the casino suspend my account?

- No. This is not how wagering requirements work. If you fail to release your bonus within the specified time period, the casino will take back the bonus and winnings that you’ve earned with the help of this bonus.

- Do free spins come with wagering requirements too?

- Even though free spins are a non-cash bonus, they too come with wagering requirements. In this case, the multiplier applies to the winnings that you've won during the free spins.