Complete Guide on Cashback Bonus

When it comes to luring in new gamblers and retaining loyal players, online casinos are very creative. Gambling sites invent all kinds of bonuses to display their generosity! We’re making an entire series of guides on casino bonuses, and the next on our list is a cashback bonus! Thanks to their versatility, cashback deals are something both recreational players and high rollers can benefit from. Let’s carry out an investigation of our own and see if a cashback bonus is as attractive as they say!

complete guide on cashback bonus

What is a cashback bonus?

Like most casino bonuses, a cashback bonus has a pretty telltale name. After all, who doesn’t know what a cashback is? Chances are that your bank card that you’re using every day has a cashback. If, for example, you spend $1,000 on online purchases and your cashback is 5%, you’ll get $50 back returned to your card.

Cashback bonus at online casinos works the same way! If you’ve spent a certain amount of money on the gambling site, the casino gives you a refund. In other words, you recover a small percentage of your losses over a pre-set period of time (day, week, month). The casino just gives you this money back, as if nothing has happened. Most of the time, cashback bonuses do not exceed 15-20%. Of course, when compared to super lucrative welcome bonuses that can reach 100% or even 200%, a cashback bonus may seem like a joke to you. But the thing you’re going to learn as an online gambler is that even a small bonus counts.

Types of cashback bonuses

Each online casino has a unique bonus program with different types of bonuses, wagering requirements, and other terms. When it comes to cashback bonuses, igaming platforms can provide them on different terms.

Benefits of a cashback bonus

We love cashback bonuses, and we want you to see their benefits as clearly as we do. Let’s take a look at evident and less obvious advantages of cashback deals.

Cashback bonus: What makes it tricky

Although a cashback bonus sounds pretty exciting, it has its fair share of limitations that make it less attractive in the eyes of savvy gamblers. Let’s scrutinize some of the pitfalls that beginning players may overlook when hunting for cashback bonuses!

How to choose a lucrative cashback offer

With numerous online casinos vying for your attention and wallet, you're certainly going to browse through hundreds upon hundreds of cashback offers. How do you pick an offer that will be worth your while? Here are some of the fundamental things that you need to examine when poring over those flashing cashback deals: