Complete Guide to Free Spins Bonuses at Quality Casinos

There’s no denying that free spins are one of the most popular casino bonuses. It’s impossible to say “no” to an opportunity to play vibrant and exciting slot machines without spending a cent of your own money! In this guide, we’re going to look at how free spins work, what types of free spins bonus deals can be found at quality casinos, and how to use them to your advantage.

free spins bonuses at quality casinos

About free spins bonuses

When it comes to free spins bonuses, it’s all pretty simple because they have a quite telltale name. A quality casino gives you a certain number of free spins to be used on a specific slot or - less often - any slot at all. This means you get a mind-boggling opportunity to spin the reels of a top-rated slot machine without having to pay for it out of your pocket. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Free spins bonuses: Pros and Cons

We’re interested in giving you a fair and unbiased review of free spins bonuses. That’s why we’re going to look at both the benefits and shortcomings that this reward comes with.

Like any casino bonus, free spins have their fair share of undeniable advantages that can level up your gambling experience:

But what about the dark side of free spins? Let’s see the cons that might make you want to pass on free spins:

Types of free spins bonuses

What makes free spins unique is that they can be a standalone bonus or make part of a cash bonus. It’s safe to say that free spins are a versatile bonus that can make part of any casino reward. The fact that slots have a huge fan base among gamblers makes free spins a coveted gift.

Signup free spins bonus

Also known as no-deposit free spins, this type of bonus is given to new players upon registration. All you need to do is to sign up with a quality online casino. Making a deposit is not necessary at all. As a rule, signup free spins are not covered with wagering requirements which means you won’t owe the casino anything after claiming this gift.

Deposit free spins bonus

To get your hands on this bonus, you need to go a step further and fund your account with an amount no less than the minimum deposit amount. Depending on the casino, this amount can range from as low as 5 dollars all the way up to 30 dollars. Most of the time, deposit free spins come as an addition to a cash bonus. For example, a quality casino offers a 50% deposit bonus up to $300, plus 100 free spins on a specific slot machine.

Referral free spins bonus

It’s a common practice among igaming sites to reward their existing clients with money prizes, free spins, or both. For example, for each newly acquired player, you can get 50 free spins, or 10 dollars + 20 free spins, or any other combination of rewards.

Birthday free spins bonus

Free spins make an ideal birthday gift. If a casino doesn’t provide cash rewards on players’ birthdays, chances are that it gives out free spins insead.

How to make the most out of a free spins bonus

If you want a free spins bonus make a real difference in your gambling performance, be sure to follow these fundamental tips:

FAQ on free spins bonuses

- How do I get free spins from a quality casino?

- First of all, you need to find a gambling site that provides free spins as bonuses. Second, you need to register an account with the casino. In some cases, that might be enough for getting a free spins bonus. At some casinos, however, you only become eligible for free spins after topping up your account.

- Do I need to insert any promo codes to get free spins?

- That depends entirely on the casino policy. Go to the casino page with bonus offers and see whether they have promo codes listed for each bonus type. Find the promo code for free spins and put it into the required field during registration or when making a deposit. Also, you can contact the casino customer support and ask them if they have promo codes.

- Can I win real money during free spins?

- Absolutely. Each spin is your chance to grab a fantastic cash prize, even a jackpot if you’re lucky!

- How do wagering requirements work for free spins?

- Since free spins are not a cash prize, wagering requirements can’t be applied to them. Instead, wagering requirements are applied to the winnings that a punter has won during the free spins - if, of course, they’ve won anything at all!

- Are free spins worth it?

- That’s a tricky one. Unlike cash bonuses that are beneficial to everyone, free spins bonuses are only valuable to slot enthusiasts. If you love slots, then you should definitely claim this bonus. If, however, you’re not into pokies, you’ll find it hard to properly benefit from this gift. Of course, you may make an effort and use the free spins anyway, but there will be little enjoyment in that. On a brighter note, you stand a real chance of landing a fat win during free spins. A win is a win, no matter in what game it was gained. If that convinces you, then you should probably give free spins a try!