One of the most fascinating things about gambling is that it attracts all kinds of folks, both newbies and seasoned gamblers, recreational players and high rollers. In this guide, we’re going to talk about the latter. Who are high rollers? Those are VIP players that spend large amounts of money on gambling sites. It’s erroneous to think that high rollers are exclusively rich people that own multi-million dollar mansions and yachts. Actually, many of them are middle class. For such people, real money gambling is the biggest passion in the world and they’re willing to spend big parts of their salaries on their hobby.

high roller bonus

Needless to say, online casinos go to great lengths to attract high rollers and turn them into loyal clients. Casinos are interested in making players spend more because this directly increases casino profits. Online casinos come up with numerous perks and benefits for high rollers. Few casinos don’t have a VIP program for high-spending players. High rollers enroll into VIP programs to access premium cash bonuses, free tournament tickets, and other goodies. Along with VIP programs, there’s also a high roller bonus which is a separate monetary reward for those who are used to splurging on gambling sites.

What is a high roller bonus?

High roller bonus is a bonus for high spending casino clients which is bigger than standard-size bonuses for regular players. You must be wondering how big a high roller bonus actually is. Well, since a high roller bonus is provided on a deposit, its size depends on how much money you’re willing to add to your account. It’s safe to say that high roller bonuses are rarely less than 1,000 dollars.

Types of high roller bonuses

Casinos encourage their high rollers on different occasions. Let’s find out when you can count on a juicy reward!

  • High roller bonus on the first deposit. To qualify for this mighty bonus, you need to be a newly registered player who funds their casino account for the first time. As you can see it works just like a regular welcome (registration) bonus but there’s a difference. The trick is that you need to make a really impressive deposit in order to lay your hands in a high roller bonus. Usually the casino sets the lower limit at 1,000-1,500 dollars. Most of the time, the casino will give you a matching (100%) bonus on your deposit. However, a high roller bonus can go all the way up and reach 500% or more.
  • Weekday high roller bonus. The weak side of a welcome bonus is that it’s only good at luring in high-spending players. But how do you keep them and urge them to return to the casino? This is where a weekend high roller bonus enters the scene. On some casino sites, you can come across promotions like this one: “Top up your account with an amount between $1,000 and $3,000 on a Wednesday or a Friday and get a 50% bonus.” As you can see, a weekday bonus is only available on a selected day (or days) of the week. If you’re a high spender, the promotion will immediately make it clear for you when it’s best to fund your account!

Tips for choosing the best high roller deal

Choosing a beneficial and gainful high roller offer is a big deal. This is an important enterprise that is not to be taken lightly. Since you’re spending big budgets on gambling, it’s only natural that you’re interested in getting a good return on your investment. With that said, it’s crucial that you pick an online casino with a worthy high roller bonus. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of a high roller deal:

  • Don’t look for high roller bonus deals on the main page of the casino. Casinos tend to use their main page to promote bonuses for regular players because they constitute the biggest part of the audience. To see what the casino has to offer to high spenders, go to the Bonuses/Promotions page or read the Bonus Terms. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support to learn the details of the offer.
  • Don’t focus on the size of a bonus. Of course, once you see such eye-popping numbers as 100%, 200% or 1000%, your mind starts to race. It takes a lot of self-possession to keep a cool headl! Don’t fall for the size of the bonus because the digits alone fail to reflect its actual value. Be sure to find out what the casino wants in return for giving you such a huge amount of money. If a high roller bonus comes with unrealistic wagering requirements, think twice before accepting it. If, for example, your bonus is $1000 and the wagering requirements are at x30, you’ll have to spend a whopping $30,000 on the gambling site before the casino greenlights a withdrawal. That is a lot of money. Think carefully before taking on a commitment like that.

FAQ on a high roller bonus

- Are high roller bonuses legal?

- Absolutely. Just like traditional types of bonuses, a high roller bonus is a legitimate way to encourage players to gamble on a specific gambling site.

- How much is a high roller bonus?

- A high roller bonus is calculated as a percentage of your deposit to your casino account. As for the exact size of a high roller bonus, it depends on the casino policy. While smaller casinos may provide 30-50% bonuses, some gambling sites extend their generosity all the way up to a 1000% bonus.

- Does a high roller bonus come with wagering requirements?

- Yes, a high roller bonus is subject to wagering requirements. Be sure to tread carefully. Assess your financial possibilities and emotional stamina. Accept the bonus only if you’re 100% sure you can release it.

Final word on a high roller bonus

While casinos appreciate all categories of players, it’s useless to deny that high rollers stand out from the crowd. These players account for a big chunk of the casino's profits. If you’re one of the high roller folks, you should benefit from hefty bonuses which are meant especially for you! With a high roller bonus, you have a myriad of gambling opportunities in front of you! You can play your favorite games for hours or try out different types of casino entertainments, switching from slots, to roulette, to Keno. With a hefty bankroll at your disposal, you can realize your old dream and start making high bets in the hopes of landing a super jackpot. A high roller bonus is your ticket to the land of fantastic wins and first-class gambling!