When it comes to casino bonuses, gamblers are presented with a truly overwhelming choice. When you first visit a casino site, you’re invited to benefit from a hefty welcome bonus. These cash rewards aim to lure in new players and introduce them to the casino’s igaming catalog. However, if you’ve read our guide on a welcome bonus, you must know that they only go so far. If it’s a signup bonus, you get paid once and that’s it. As for deposit welcome bonuses, they apply to a limited number of first deposits. What do you do once you’ve used up the possibilities of a welcome bonus package? This is where a reload bonus enters the stage!

generous reload bonus at quality casinos

Introduction to reload bonus

As the name suggests, a reload bonus is a reward given to players when they reload, or fund their casino account. The definition sounds pretty digestible so far, doesn’t it? When giving out reload bonuses, AU casinos are pursuing a clear goal which is to keep existing players motivated and interested in making bets on the gambling site. If not for reload bonuses, many punters would leave the casino once they’ve depleted their welcome bonus. Reload rewards keep gamblers “hooked”, encouraging them to make a deposit after deposit.

If you study bonus offers from top-rated AU casinos, you’ll see that reload bonuses tend to be paid in the form of cash. At the same time, it's quite possible to come across a reload bonus that - in addition to a money gift - also includes a batch of free spins.

More often than not, igaming platforms offer reload bonuses that are expressed in percentage amounts. For example, a AU casino can give you a 30 bonus on deposits made on Friday. At the same time, a reload bonus can also be a fixed amount of money. For example, you might get 10 dollars for funding your account with your Visa card.

Reload bonus: Pros & Cons

Reload bonuses have an avalanche of benefits. Let’s take a quick look at how reload bonuses can be useful to a player:

  • Reload bonuses enhance your bankroll, giving you more money to play with.
  • In addition to a cash reward, you can also get a bunch of free spins which is an invaluable gift for pokie lovers.
  • Reload bonuses extend your gameplay, give you more freedom when it comes to the size of your bets, and give you access to more exciting games that you’ve been dying to try out.
  • Reload bonuses nurture your loyalty towards a AU casino and make you feel a part of a community.

At the same time, it’s our duty to warn you about the pitfalls that come with reload bonuses:

  • Reload bonuses are not free. When accepting a reload bonus, you agree to meet the wagering requirements attached to it. It’s like paying off a debt to a casino, if you will.
  • In order to get a reload bonus, you first need to make a deposit to your account. If the Australian casino of your choice happens to have a high minimum deposit amount, e.g. $50, this can be a problem. Not every player can afford to part with a sum like that in one go, even when promised a lucrative bonus.
  • One more nasty thing about reload bonuses, and we’re done! Some igaming platforms cap how much you can win with a reload bonus. It can be pretty discouraging to see your winnings limited like that, especially if you hit a lucky streak!

Types of reload bonuses

Depending on the casino terms, reload bonuses can be provided on different occasions. Remember that there are no two casino bonus systems that would be completely identical. To avoid disappointment and confusion, be sure to read the Bonus Terms and Conditions to know for sure when you’re eligible for a reload reward.

Weekly reload bonuses

If you’re not new to online gambling, you probably know that a weekly bonus is a very popular type of reload bonuses. Australian casinos pick one, two or more days of the week on which players can get a bonus for funding their account. It can be Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, only Monday, etc. The Australian casino is the one that determines the schedule. If you happen to play at a casino with a reload bonus deal like this one, it’s worthwhile to develop a new habit and make deposits exclusively on the “lucky” days of the week!

Payment method reload bonuses

It doesn’t take a genius to guess how this reload bonus works, right? At some Australian casinos, you get a nice bonus on your deposit if you fund your account using a certain payment method, e.g. bank wire, Mastercard/Visa card, etc. Depending on the Australian casino, there can be just one payment option, or there can be several of them. If you have a favorite deposit method, it makes sense to pick a Australian casino that rewards punters for using this particular banking option to credit their account.

Reload bonuses on special occasions

Many Australian casinos shower their loyal audience with reload bonuses on a series of special occasions, such as national holidays, player’s birthday, registration anniversary, you name it. Let’s take an example. Imagine that you registered your casino account exactly 2 years ago today. In this case, the igaming platform is willing to reward you with a 30% bonus up to $250 dollars if you fund your account on this day. Some Australian casinos make these offers last 3 to 7 days, so if for some reason you’ve missed the special day, you can still benefit from the bonus!

Reload bonuses on each deposit

This is, hands down, the best type of reload bonuses that you’ll ever come across. At some Australian casinos, you get paid extra every time you decide to top up your account. There are no additional conditions! All you need to do is make sure that your deposit is no less than the minimum deposit amount determined by the casino.

FAQ on reload bonuses

- What makes reload bonuses better than welcome bonuses?

- Each type of bonus has its own perks, so we can’t necessarily say that reload bonuses beat welcome bonuses. There’s one thing, however, that separates reload bonuses from the rest. When it comes to welcome bonuses, there's only a limited number of these money gifts that you can expect to scoop. As for reload bonuses, they keep coming for as long as you're playing at a Australian casino for real money. Keep funding your account and watch extra money flowing in!

- How much money do I need to put into my account in order to get a reload bonus?

- Each Australian casino sets its own minimum deposit amount that usually hovers around 20-30 dollars. To become eligible for a reload bonus, you need to fund your account with a sum that equals or exceeds this amount.

- Do reload bonuses come with wagering requirements? Is it fair?

- Yes. Wagering requirements are a way for a Australian casino to protect their money. In the wager-less era of online gambling, players would use up casino bonuses, withdraw their winnings, and never visit the gambling site again. To stop wasting money on dishonest gamblers who had no intention to keep playing, Australian casinos introduced wagering requirements. So before saying an excited “yes” to a reload bonus, you need to learn what wagering requirements come attached to it.

- Are big reload bonuses the best?

- Don’t get fooled by the size of a bonus. It’s not uncommon that the largest reload bonuses tend to have the harshest wagering requirements. When giving you a significant sum of money, the Australian casino wants you to pay it off by spending a certain amount of money on the igaming website. It needs to be said that safe and legal Australian casinos tend to provide fair wagering requirements, while scammers often set eye-popping wagers that are impossible to meet.

- How can I max up my reload bonus?

- If a reload bonus is a fixed amount, there’s no way for you to max it up. It will always remain the same, no matter what you do. If, however, a bonus is a percentage of deposit amount, then it’s a whole different story. The bigger your deposit, the juicier reload bonus will land in your account. Be careful though because reload bonuses tend to have upper limits. For example, if a Australian casino offers a 10% reload bonus up to $200, this means you won’t get more than 200 bucks even if you deposit $300.