If you look at a bonus system of any Australian online casino, you’ll see that a welcome bonus makes its most attractive part. In fact, you can hardly find a casino that wouldn’t offer welcome bonuses to its clients. This article is dedicated entirely to welcome bonuses and how they can level up your gambling experience.

complete guide on welcome bonus at quality casinos

About a welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses are known under more than one name. You may come across other names, such as signup bonuses or registration bonuses. When it comes to the purpose of welcome bonuses, there's no mystery about it at all. The name speaks for itself! Australian casinos give welcome bonuses to newly registered players. It’s an effective tool to persuade players to sign up with a casino and make a deposit.

Like in literally any industry, Australian casinos are vying with each other for clients. If two casinos have almost identical characteristics and terms, a gambler is more likely to choose the platform with the juiciest welcome bonuses. That’s why each casino is closely monitoring its competitors’ bonus offers. If one gambling site decides to increase their welcome bonus, chances are that other casinos will follow suit.

Most of the time, welcome bonuses take the form of money rewards. However, it’s not uncommon to come across a “hybrid” welcome bonus that includes both a cash prize and free spins for slot lovers. If a bonus includes free spins, be sure to read the terms in order to find out what slot machine (there can be one or more of them) they’re valid for. Unfortunately for gamblers, getting free spins doesn't mean that you can use them on any pokie you like.

Why players need a welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses come with a myriad of benefits. These generous rewards can transform your casino journey and give extra value to your gambling experience.

  • Welcome bonuses boost your bankroll. If a Australian casino has a welcome package in place, you might get up to several thousand dollars in bonus money! With more money at your disposal, you can enjoy gambling longer than if you had access to your own deposit only. Play one and the same game or explore numerous games, the choice is all yours! Plus, you get an opportunity to test new strategies that require a heavy bankroll. Even if things go south and you end up losing your bonus and your own money, you’ll still be able to enjoy gambling longer. Emotions are something money can’t buy!
  • Welcome bonuses can improve players’ confidence and self-esteem. After registering on a new gambling site, gamblers are faced with a huge catalog of gambling games. The choice is really tempting. But how can you afford all these amazing games if you only have, say, 30 dollars in your account? With welcome bonuses, a small bankroll is no longer a problem. Instead of stressing out over a frustrating money shortage, you can enjoy gambling in full swing!

Types of welcome bonuses

Although there’s nothing complicated about welcome bonuses, they still may present a challenge for rookie casino enthusiasts. When browsing through casino bonus offers, you’re sure to come across different types of welcome bonuses. What's the difference between a signup bonus and a deposit bonus? And what on earth is a sticky bonus? It’s time to shed some light on these enigmas!

Deposit vs Non-deposit welcome bonuses

Conditions for getting a welcome bonus can vary across Australian casinos. At some casinos, in order to become eligible for a welcome bonus, you only need to create an account with the casino. Upon a successful registration, you’ll be given a one-time bonus. This is a non-deposit welcome bonus, aka signup bonus.

Most of the time, however, to claim a bonus, you also need to make a deposit to your new account. This type of reward is known as a deposit welcome bonus. The best thing about deposit welcome bonuses is that they cover more than one deposit. Depending on the casino, you may get cash gifts on three, five or even ten first deposits. That’s a lavish loot you’re looking at!

Sticky vs Non-sticky welcome bonuses

Here’s another classification that you need to know to be able to choose a casino with the best bonus deals. If a top Australian casino offers a sticky welcome bonus, this means that you won’t be able to cash it out. In this case, a bonus only serves to help you to place more bets and - possibly - make more money. Once you’ve met the wagering requirements attached to the bonus, you’ll only be allowed to cash your winnings, and not the sticky bonus. On the contrary, a non-sticky bonus can be withdrawn from the casino system once the player has fulfilled the wagering requirements.

Examples of welcome bonuses

Let’s take a look at the most common welcome bonus deals that Australian casinos use to attract punters. A bonus offer is made of two parts:

  • percentage value;
  • upper limit.

No need to feel intimidated! Once you see an example, it’s going to get crystal clear! Suppose, a Australian casino offers you a 100% welcome bonus up to $150. Let’s start with the percentage part. In the world of gambling and betting, a 100% bonus is nicknamed a “matching bonus.” This means that a casino is willing to match your deposit amount. If you fund your account with 30 dollars, you’re going to get 30 dollars extra. As for the 150-dollar limit, it means that the maximum bonus you can count on is 150 dollars, and not a cent more. So if, for example, you deposit 200 dollars, you shouldn't be expecting to get a 200- dollar addition to your bankroll. You’ll still get 150 dollars because it's the upper threshold.

While matching bonuses are very common, Australian casinos also have 200% welcome bonus deals. It’s a truly royal gift for new gamblers. If, say, you make a 100-dollar deposit, the casino will double it, adding an extra 200 dollars to your account. It needs to be said, though, that 200% cash rewards are extremely rare so don’t get your hopes too high.

If an igaming platform has a welcome bonus package that covers several deposits, the first deposit usually comes with a 100-200% bonus, while the remaining deposits have smaller 50-75% bonuses.

FAQ on welcome bonuses

- How do I get a welcome bonus?

- It all depends on the casino you’ve chosen as your gambling spot. Sometimes, the only condition for claiming a welcome bonus is registration. More often, however, you also need to make a deposit that equals to or exceeds the minimum deposit amount determined by the casino.

- Are welcome bonuses big?

- Yes. Welcome deposit bonuses are among the most generous rewards that Australian casinos have in store for punters. They’re definitely larger than, say, reload or birthday bonuses.

- Do I need to enter any promo codes to get a welcome bonus?

- Some Australian casinos require players to enter promo codes. Log into your casino account and go to the Cashier/Payments section. When making your first deposit, you need to type in or paste the welcome bonus promo code into the dedicated field. Promo codes can be found right on the gambling site. Check the main page or the Bonus Terms and Conditions.

- Do welcome bonuses come with wagering requirements?

- Most of the time, they do. With that said, make a rule to never accept a welcome bonus (or any other bonus, for that matter) without reading the Bonus Terms and Conditions that set out the wagering requirements for each type of casino reward. Keep in mind that if a welcome bonus includes a cash gift and free spins, wagering requirements apply to free spins as well.

- Should I pick a casino with the biggest welcome bonuses?

- There’s more to a bonus than its size. Appearance can be deceiving. It’s not uncommon that a modest bonus offer holds more value than a generous one. When picking a casino with the best welcome bonus package, be sure to pay attention not only to the bonus size but also to its limit and - more importantly - wagering requirements. What use is there in a hefty bonus if it comes with draconic wagering requirements that are impossible to meet?

- Should I claim a welcome bonus?

- Welcome bonuses give you a myriad of benefits, and generally we recommend using them unless the wagering requirements are too harsh. Pumped with lavish bonuses, your bankroll will take you on a fantastic gambling journey that you didn’t dare to dream of!