United Kingdom Gambling Commission

All gambling activities in the United Kingdom are regulated and monitored by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It’s a trustworthy and authoritative state agency whose name has become one of the hallmarks of gambling in Great Britain. Established in 2007, the UK Gambling Commission is sponsored by the Department for Digital Culture, Media & Sport.

According to the information on the official site www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk, the agency is engaged in “licensing, regulating, advising and providing guidance” to individuals and companies that provide different types of gambling services in the United Kingdom.

united kingdom gambling commission

The UK Gambling Commission has a broad jurisdiction that covers a big variety of gambling entertainments, including online and land-based casinos, bingo, arcade games, betting, and the National Lottery. Casino software providers are also subject to licensing and regulation by the Commission.


If a casino site advertises or provides services to the players in Great Britain, it’s compulsory for it to have a license issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Obtaining a license from the UK Gambling Commission is a tricky task. Not only is it a costly enterprise, but it also requires a great deal of time and effort. In fact, the UK gambling license is among the hardest to obtain, and gambling operators need to go to great lengths to comply with the licensing requirements set out by the UK Gambling Commission. The set of requirements applied to all licensees is known as the License Conditions and Codes of Practice.

Furthermore, the UK Gambling Commission has developed Remote Gambling and Software technical standards (RTS). This extensive document specifies a long list of technical and security requirements that apply to all gambling operators.

Guided by the Gambling Act 2005 (with amendments provided in the Gambling Act 2014), the UK Gambling Commission pursues the following licensing goals:

✔️ One of the fundamental objectives is to prevent gambling from being considered an illegal activity or a crime.

✔️ Furthermore, the Commission aims to guarantee that gambling activities are performed in an honest and transparent way.

✔️ The Commission is committed to protecting minors and other vulnerable groups of people from gambling.

On its official website, you can also find the principles that the UK Gambling Commission is relying on when licensing and regulating gambling operators.

Security audits

If a casino has managed to receive the coveted license, this by no means signifies that the hard part is over. The thing is that the gambling operator needs to submit a security audit to the Gambling Commission within 6 months. An online casino needs to find a trusted auditor that would test its compliance with the following standards:

The UK Gambling Commission does not provide a list of eligible audit companies to perform a security audit. At the same time, the Commission stresses out the importance of using the service of a reputable auditor whose competence and qualifications are beyond doubt. Plus, the audit firm must be an independent agency which is capable of passing unbiased judgment. Finally, the audit firm needs to have one of the following certificates:

Enforcement measures

The UK Gambling Commission is making great effort to help its licensees follow the regulations. However, if a gambling operator ignores or violates the existing rules provided by the Commission, the latter takes ruthless steps to tackle the situation. Some of the milder measures include issuing a warning or introducing an additional condition to the violator’s license. Harsher penalties include suspending or revoking a license, or even imposing a fine.

How the UK Commission makes gambling safer

The UK Gambling Commission is committed to making gambling a safe and fair hobby for adults living in Great Britain.