Imagine that you are in a foreign casino. It will be so pleasant to visit it with the understanding that there is a special zone for abroad customers. And Macau`s casinos think about it! They will bring to life gaming areas and create specific chips for gamblers from foreign countries.

It will be a special floor that was covered in a pre-pandemic period. There will be a gambling zone available for foreigners only. Such an idea is connected with the fact plenty of non-Chinese players like visiting Macau`s casinos. Another aspect is the decision of Macau`s government to enlarge the number of holidaymakers in the gambling field. Let`s have a look at some details.

casinos boosted their options in Macau

Tax concession for foreign customers

Some period ago, thanks to the process of retendering for licensing operations, the aspect of overhauling casino regulations has happened for the first time in the last twenty years.

Due to this fact, gambling areas become enabled to have a new scheme of taxing. That is why casino operators will get an acquittal from paying the government charges from five to forty percent of gross gaming income. However, it is not still clear what the quota is waiting for foreign visitors.

Speaking about, specific chips, we can say that with their help of them it will be possible to track the sum of money for gamblers around the world.

Of course, these chips will not be involuntary to play in this special zone. It will be some kind of a VIP parlor for players from abroad places. To enter this special area a guest should show his identification documents, for instance, a passport. At the same time, if such a foreign player will come on his own with no matter of gambling zone he will select.

Challenges are waiting ahead

There is no doubt, such an idea will have a lot of challenges. Here are just some statistical facts. Before the pandemic, Macau`s casinos had guests from mainly China, or Taiwan. It was approximately 91 percent. Up to four percent of their income was “created” by foreign visitors.

Taking this fact into account, Macau`s casinos made a decision to attract more such visitors. It is an emergent condition for new permissions. Of course, Macau`s concessionaires may demonstrate their plans according to the process of rebidding.