eCheck is a sought-after method for fans of Australian online casinos. This popularity is explained by the absence of a need to introduce details of credit cards or other information to third parties. However, is this peculiarity the only one positive aspect of this payment method? Let`s find the answer in our article.

echeck payment method

Reasons to select eCheck at Australian online casinos

First, players should understand how eCheck works, all its nuances and mechanisms. It is essential to do it before selecting this method. So, eCheck is an e-variant of common paper checks. With the help of this payment option, money is transacted from the gambler's e-wallet to his account at an online casino. This process is direct. The only thing to go through is ACH.

It has numerous positive aspects:

  • eCheck method is secure and speedy.
  • Moreover, it will save players' money, because this method is cheaper than plenty of other methods. It is especially important if you transact massive amounts of money.
  • This method helps to deposit bigger sums in an easier way.
  • There is no need to use a bank card.
  • If playing at a reputable online casino is your priority eCheck is the right solution for depositing. Why? Because during this process a bank will check whether this gambling site is legit or not. So, you can be calm and not afraid of your money.
  • All eCheck payments are not instant. Some gamblers think it is a big plus. Thanks to this time they are learning to regulate their money habits. In addition, they can ensure whether they make the right deposit or not.

After learning the principles of the eCheck process it is time to discuss its depositing and withdrawal processes.

The process of depositing

A good great deal of reliable online casinos with a huge collection of interesting gambling games offer eCheck as a method for depositing. And this process is really easy, and has just three steps to pay attention to before starting the procedure:

✔️ The first thing you should do before depositing is to ensure that the selected online casino supports this payment option and the bank that you use. Do not be afraid! The biggest part of banks is supported.

✔️ There is a special form to fill in when gamblers choose eCheck. They should enter their bank names, and numbers of routing and their accounts.

✔️ After filling in this form, the gambling site of your choice will contact your bank for going through the process of ACH. Once the legitimacy of iGaming website and payment request are verified the operation will be completed.

So, what are the steps to make a deposit at online casinos? There are five of them:

  • Players should sign up at the chosen gambling website;
  • Open the cashier section and select this payment way;
  • Fill in the form that we discussed above;
  • Enter the sum of your deposit. Do not forget that online casinos have minimum and maximum sums for depositing;
  • An electronic check will be sent to an online casino. This process can take up to five working days;
  • When the process is complete you can enjoy the diversity of casino games.

Withdrawal process

Speaking about the withdrawal process, gamblers should make notes about some essential steps:

  1. Look for the eCheck method in the section of the cashier;
  2. Think about the sum that you want to transfer;
  3. Filling in the special form is also a must here;
  4. Press the button “to withdraw” and wait for 3-5 working days. During this period money will come to your bank account.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in this process as well as in depositing transactions.

Few words about eCheck fees

There are no special charges for eCheck in common. It means that players will practically never face any fees. It is connected with the fact that this method is a standard bank procedure. Let us have a look at one example. If you enter 100 dollars a sum for depositing you will get the same sum.

Nevertheless, we recommend confirming this moment. Why? Some establishments may add some fees or online casinos may attach special charges for deposits and withdrawals. So, look through the terms and conditions before registering or making transactions.