With the increased popularity of Australian casinos online, ecoPayz has become a widely known e-wallet with lots of advantages for gambling fans. We want to help you to learn about this payment option, its benefits, peculiarities of depositing and withdrawing, security principles, and more. Keep the track of events of modern gambling with our team.

What is ecoPayz?

The way of this payment method started in 2000. Thanks to its rich history, ecoPayz is one of the oldest virtual wallets in online gambling. First, this company was known as ecoCard but since 2013 it is famous as ecoPayz.

The work of this company is based on the same mechanisms as other e-wallets. It means that you can create your account with the help of your bank account. In this case, your money will be sent directly to your e-wallet or on a special ecoCard that is powered by MasterCard. As for the signing-up process, everything is simple. There is no need to go through checking your credits.

Another important thing of this payment option is connected with fees and bonuses. ecoPayz is a company that has fees that vary from casino to casino, or country to country. Do not be afraid. It is a standard option for practically all payment methods. As for special offers, ecoPayz presents its customers with plenty of interesting solutions when it comes to online gambling. Here is one example of such bonuses. It is a welcome promotion for new clients. However, these promotions will vary depending on the selected gambling website.

ecoPayz depositing peculiarities

Any transaction with ecoPayz is simple and fast. This process contains the following steps:

  • Create your ecoPayz account and check its activation;
  • Find a gambling site that adds ecoPayz to its selection of payment options. You can check it in the Cashier section;
  • Select there this payment option for making a deposit (or withdrawal);
  • Fill in the sum for depositing and other details;
  • Confirm this operation.

As you can see, everything is pretty easy and speedy.

Aspects of security

There is no doubt that safety and security are essential parts of Australian online casinos including payment solutions. ecoPayz guarantees you that your money and transactions are fully protected. This company follows all international measures of security. What does it mean? Let us explain. The site of this company uses SSL or TLS encryption (a variant depends on your browser), a method of coding customers` personal and financial details.

In addition, ecoPayz has certificates from PCI, the Thawte Certification Authority, and DSS. All of them check and guarantee following of security standards.

Another protection feature is two-step verification for accessing your account. It helps to avoid third-party access to customers` data. And that is not it! The company implants new and new technologies to keep its users safe.

ecoPayz benefits

When you understand the basic principles of ecoPayz it is time to learn about its positive features. Among them we want to underline the following aspects:

✔️ The availability to request a real prepaid card;

✔️ The simplicity in setting up and using;

✔️ It is a kind of buffer that occurs between a gambling website and a bank account;

✔️ It is widespread on modern gambling sites;

✔️ Quick process of cashing out.