Australian casinos are committed to make their clients feel comfortable and safe on their gambling sites. Online gambling is a tough market with spiking competition levels, and creating a welcoming and balanced gambling environment is a crucial factor that determines your success. Making payments is a big part of a person’s gambling experience. Of course, there are casino enthusiasts who play for free. For obvious reasons, these people don’t need to worry about depositing and withdrawing money from Australian casinos. However, the absolute majority of all gamblers plays for real money on a regular basis - or have tried it at least once. So, you can see that the necessity of getting a good choice of safe and credible payment methods becomes crystal clear.

neteller payments

In this article, we’re going to talk about Neteller, a globally known online payment system that doesn’t need introduction. The company was established in the late 1990s which means it has been around for almost the whole period of the existence of e-gambling. Neteller is a premium payment tool that has been created with the principal purpose of making online payments faster and safer - and this is exactly what the company has been doing all these years by continuously upping their game. A huge number of people using Neteller all over the globe speaks of the company’s utter integrity and reliability.

Neteller knows that online gamblers account for a big part of its stalwart following. The payment system goes out of its way to tailor its services to the varying needs of casino fans. Aside from that, Neteller even has the entire page on its official website that contains useful tips for keen gamblers. Be sure to go and check it out!

How to create a Neteller account

Since Neteller is an electronic payment system, you need to set up a Neteller e-wallet to be able to make transactions online. Opening an account with Neteller is a child’s play. Below we outlined the simple steps that you can do even with your eyes closed!

  • Go to, the official site for Neteller.
  • Enter your first and last name. It’s important that the name you’ve entered matches the one that appears in your passport or other identification document.
  • Enter your email address.
  • As the final step, come up with a strong password. Creating a reliable password is crucial, especially when it comes to payment systems. It's a prerequisite that your password has at least 8 characters, among which at least 1 digit or symbols and 1 uppercase letter.
  • Click Register Now.

Now you need to submit some additional information about yourself and indicate your preferences. The system will ask you to choose your country and wallet currency. That’s not all though! Be patient and fill out some more fields, indicating your date of birth, gender, postal address, and mobile phone number. Be sure to check the accuracy and correctness of your submitted phone number. It’s a pivotal detail because you'll use your phone number to verify and access your Neteller account.

Now that you have your Neteller account up and running, the next step would be to top it up with funds. While creating an account with Neteller is absolutely free for everyone, depositing money to your e-wallet comes with a fee that varies based on a range of factors, one of which is your payment method. If, for example, you choose to send money from your credit card, be ready to pay somewhere between 2 and 5% of your deposit amount. For other options, the fee may be below or above this range.

FAQ on Neteller 

- What makes Neteller a good payment choice for gamblers?

- The reasons for using Neteller are plenty. First, it’s a legal, solid e-payment system whose reliability and competence have been tested throughout the years. The company charges no hidden fees. All Information on fees and other commissions is public and transparent. There’s zero chance of fraud on the company’s side. Plus, Neteller is taking unprecedented safety measures to shield your online transactions from inventive hackers and malware. With Neteller, you can have a good night’s sleep knowing that your funds are well-protected.

Deposits and withdrawals via Neteller are instant in most cases. It is very important for punters who can't wait to start playing top-rated games for real money. Finally, Neteller pampers its clients with a plethora of beneficial bonus deals and exclusive customer support. These advantages are easy to brush off at first but eventually you realize how nice it is to get premium treatment from your payment operator.

- What makes Neteller superior to other payment methods?

- There’s one undeniable advantage (call it superpower, if you will) that sets Neteller and other similar e-wallets apart from less user-friendly payment options, such as bank cards and bank transfer. When depositing and withdrawing money to and from a legal casino, you won't have to submit any of your banking details on the casino site. The only piece of information that you reveal to the casino is your Neteller ID which in all but name doesn’t say anything. Indicating your unique e-wallet number is absolutely safe and comes with zero risks. Complete anonymity is one of the strengths that Neteller uses to win over gamblers prioritizing their privacy.

- Do I have to pay a fee when making casino deposits with Neteller?

- Unless the AU casino of your choice charges a fee on deposits (which is highly unlikely nowadays), you won’t have to pay an extra cent when sending money from your Neteller wallet to your casino balance. At the same time, before you can do that, you need to deposit money to your Neteller account, and this is where things start to look less rosy. When topping their wallets, Neteller users have to pay a fee. We’ve talked about this earlier in this guide.

- What currencies can I pay with?

- When setting up your account with Neteller, you'll be asked to select the currency you’d like to pay with. It’s a very responsible choice. Once you’ve chosen your currency, you won’t be able to tweak this setting later. Neteller works with 25+ global currencies, among such American Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Yen, to name a few. If you’ve reached the Silver VIP status, Neteller will offer you the opportunity to open a multi-currency account. It’s a super convenient option for casino aficionados who tend to make real money wagers in different currencies.

- How long does it take to withdraw my winnings to Neteller?

- Most of the time, cashouts to Neteller are instant. Neteller knows that gamblers expect it to operate fast and effectively, and never fails them. However, not everything depends on Neteller. The casino you’re playing with also affects the processing times. Anyway, even if there’s a delay on the casino’s side (which is generally the case), you won’t have to wait more than 24 hours for your money to appear in your Neteller balance.