There’s probably no better known electronic payment system than PayPal. If you peruse a list of supported payment options on any legal gambling site, you’re sure to come across PayPal. A myriad of users can’t imagine their lives without this super convenient e-wallet that enables them to pay for goods and services online, make money transfers to their family and friends, and - of course - play at Australian casinos for real money. In his detailed guide, we’re going to zoom in on how PayPal works and how you as a gambler can leverage its possibilities.

how to pay at high quality casinos with paypal

There’s a solid reason why PayPal enjoys an endless trust of millions of users, and it has to do with the time the company has been in business. Founded in 1998, PayPal is one of the oldest and most reputable digital payment platforms out there. It didn't take long for the ambitious PayPal team to go global and build a strong client base. Over the years of hard work, PayPal has managed to accumulate a heart-stopping following of over 200 million users. Just thinking about a number this big makes your head spin!

Why PayPal?

If you’re a casino enthusiast looking for a safe way to make stress-free deposits to and cashouts from AU casinos, you should take a closer look at PayPal. You’ll have a hard time finding a payment option with juicier benefits than this one! Let’s dive into some details on why PayPal is the best pal to all gamblers out there who want to make smooth casino transactions without any headache.

  • In terms of safety, we honestly think that you can’t do better than PayPal. This electronic payment system enjoys endless credit of trust from millions of happy users worldwide. All transactions are insured and protected using sophisticated technologies and algorithms. When it comes to privacy, PayPal has no intention of fishing as much personal information out of you as possible. The system only asks for the details that are objectively needed to set up and fund your PayPal wallet.
  • Punters can use PayPal for both deposits and withdrawals. It’s not one of those limited payment options that only allows you to make casino deposits but is useless when it comes to cashouts. In this sense, PayPal is a truly versatile payment tool that can help you out in any situation.
  • PayPal is accepted across all legal casinos which are licensed across all popular gambling jurisdictions, including those of the United Kingdom, Alderney, Malta, Gibraltar, Sweden, and others. This means you don’t have to worry whether or not an igaming platform of your choice supports PayPal because it’s likely to have this global payment method on its list. Nonetheless, our advice is to make sure your selected igaming site accepts PayPal before signing up with it. It never hurts to be too careful.
  • The already iconic electronic payment system enables its account holders to send and receive funds in 25+ currencies. You can use one and the same currency all the time or set up multiple currencies. PayPal is present in 180+ markets, meaning you can send money cross-country without any limitations.
  • Reliable casinos are not the only gambling operators that work with PayPal. If, along with playing world-class casino games at legal igaming sites, you also indulge yourself in sports betting, you can easily use your PayPal wallet for that purpose as well. On top of that, PayPal is generally accepted on websites that specialize in popular bingo and poker games. Whichever online hobby you have a penchant for, PayPal has got you covered! It’s a one-stop payment solution for all your gambling and betting needs.
  • Sending money via PayPal is a walk in the park. Basically, all you need is your email address. Users can send up to $4,000 in a single transaction.
  • The PayPal system is available across all devices. Whether you’re an old school gambler who’s using their desktop to play favorite games or a more dynamic person who prefers to play on the move, you’ll be able to send money to your casino account and cash out your winnings without facing any obstacles. In addition to the convenient web version, PayPal also has an intuitive, user-friendly mobile app for tablets and smartphones. Pick your element and make a payment in one simple click!
  • It’s no secret that some Australian casinos are encouraging their clients to use PayPal over other deposit/withdrawal methods. Punters who opt for PayPal receive amazing bonuses, such as cash gifts, free spins, and other goodies. So you basically get an extra reward for using PayPal. Sounds too good to be true yet it is! While you can’t expect this type of bonus to be large, it’s still a nice extra to spend on a couple of slot spins of roulette bets. In fact, an occasional bet made with the bonus money may land you a hefty win, and all that would be thanks to PayPal!

How to get started with PayPal

If you don’t have an account with PayPal, you can get yourself one with no hassle in just under 3 minutes. To sign up, you can go to the PayPal official website ( or use their mobile app. Either will do just fine. The main thing you need to become a PayPal client is an email address. As the next step, you need to top up your PayPal wallet balance. You can do this in a number of ways, whether from your bank account or your credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard).

Once you’ve set up and funded your PayPal wallet, you can finally see how amazingly smoothly this payment tool works by making your first deposit!

Making a deposit via PayPal: Step-by-step instruction

  • Sign up with a legal e-gambling site that meets all your requirements in terms of license, games catalog, customer service, suite of payment methods, etc. and make sure it works with PayPal.
  • Log into your account and click on the Cashier section which can also be named “Deposits & Withdrawals”, or simply “Payments”.
  • Select PayPal as your deposit method.
  • The system will automatically redirect you to the PayPal website where you need to make a login before you can proceed.
  • Once logged in, enter the amount you’re willing to send to your casino account. Pay attention to the fact that your deposit amount cannot be lower than the minimum deposit limit required by the casino.
  • Click “Send”. The money will arrive to your account instantly. That’s it! Now, with a real money bankroll at your disposal, you can start exploring energetic slots, lucrative blackjack, elegant baccarat or any other game that owns your heart at the moment!

Keep in mind that the casino doesn’t get to know your bank or credit card details. This information remains completely confidential so you can sleep in peace.

Now what about PayPal withdrawals?

For cashouts, the process is completely the same. You go to the Cashier section, pick PayPal from the list of available options, and type in the sum you’re willing to cash out. If the money fails to arrive immediately, don’t be too hasty to blame that inconvenience on PayPal. If there is a delay, it’s very unlikely that it’s occurring on the side of PayPal. The thing is that an online casino may take up to several hours to process your transaction. In most cases, however, withdrawals to PayPal wallets are instant.

Now let’s talk about withdrawal fees. While deposits are always free of any charges, you may still have to pay a fee on your PayPal withdrawals. How much you’re going to pay depends on the country you live in. A fee may arrive at ca. 3.4% per transaction. Yes, that’s not exactly cheap but after all you’re paying for an unparalleled payment experience which is safe, flexible, and user-oriented. If you wish to convert your money, the exchange rate stands at 4.5%. If you find that PayPal is an ideal fit for your gambling needs, don’t hesitate to set up an account with this veteran payments provider. It’s amazingly fast and free!