If your long-time dream is to start a business in the sports betting market, Betio is the answer to all questions and problems that you may face along the way. Instead of investing a fortune into taking your casino or sportsbook site off the ground, you can take an easier route and purchase a turnkey white label solution from a company that specializes in developing top-of-the-range betting software. Currently, Betio is focusing its efforts on sports betting solutions. However, the developer’s website also has a Casino section which seems to be under construction. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the developer will soon release their first casino games platform that will leave everyone speechless!


Betio advantages

Headquartered in Sofia (Bulgaria), Betio is a trustworthy software developer that offers fully-fledged solutions for Australian casinos and premium bookmakers. If you take a look at the list of Betio products and services, you’ll see that this white label provider has taken care of everything, from CMS to advanced reporting tools. All this makes Betio a one-stop software supplier for smart gambling operators who are looking to expand their business and keep their clients happy.

  • Knowing that financial transactions make an essential part of igaming & betting experience, Betio offers 140+ payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, UnionPay, and dozens of others. By using the Betio platform, a gambling operator gives its customers access to a long list of both global and regional payment options. Players are sure to appreciate the variety!
  • Betio provides gambling operators with top-notch reporting tools that allow them to keep tabs on financial transactions. Online casinos and bookmakers can benefit from customized payment reports, set their own rules for accepting or declining a transaction, track transactions across vendors, check transaction costs, and so much more.
  • Betio’s excellent CMS deserves a big round of applause. The system allows gambling operators to edit and publish relevant content across all promotion channels in real time. The CMS has a broad suite of integrated SEO tools to help keep your content unique, engaging, and useful.
  • Player account management. Whether you’re a legal online casino or a bookmaker, it's vital that you keep your customer accounts properly organized. When using the tech-smart Betio platform, gambling operators can segment players and bettors based on a variety of criteria, such as geographic location, interests, age, financial transactions, and so on. By leveraging the power of effective segmentation, casinos and bookmakers can offer relevant products to different categories of punters.
  • With Betio products, gambling operators can target European (UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, etc.). Asian (China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.), Arabic, and US gambling markets. For each type of market, Betio offers a unique interface, local payment options, convenient odds format, top popular sports events, etc. For example, America-targeted platform zooms in on NBA and Super Bowl events, features American odds, and comes with a lucrative affiliate program. For Arabic bettors, Betio came up with a special platform design, with content arranged from left to right. Plus, it goes without saying that Betio products are professionally translated into all languages spoken across target markets, including English, French, German, Farsi, Arabic, Kurdish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
  • Betio also supplies gambling operators with advanced risk management tools that they can easily integrate into their risk strategy. Australian casinos and bookmakers can put together player profiles and split their customer base into categories, whether it’s VIP players or players demonstrating inappropriate behavior. Also, operators can manipulate the odds and set their own setting limits
  • Finally, we can’t help but say a few words about Betio’s affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are a great way for a gambling operator to grow their business, acquire new players, and skyrocket their revenues. Casinos and bookmakers can set different commissions for their affiliates and track real-time statistics on each affiliate’s performance (number of newly registered clients, traffic, revenue, etc.)

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Sports betting platform

Betio offers a best-in-class sportsbook platform that can be described as a quintessence of innovation, diversity, and safety. The platform allows users to bet their money on around 50 of sports events that include golf, horse racing, tennis, football (including American football), hockey, etc. Users can choose from 30,000+ live events and 80,000+ pre-match events every month. With Betio, sports enthusiasts are truly spoilt for choice!

Betio’s sports betting platform has a wide range of benefits that distinguish it from similar software products in the market:

  • Exciting sports events in HD. Packed with the latest technologies, the Betio platform streams breathtaking sports events from all over the world in crispy HD quality. There’s no better way to get immersed into the fantastic world of sports and feel a part of a dynamic competition that sends blood rushing through your veins.
  • Instant bet placement. When using the Betio platform, sports fans can place bets on their favorite sports events in one click. All it takes is just a couple of seconds! This is particularly important when you need to react super fast during live events.
  • Hassle-free withdrawals. With Betio, sports aficionados can be sure to release their winnings like clockwork and without any unnecessary delays. You can cash out your profits to your credit card, e-wallet, crypto wallet, bank account, etc. before you can blink! Punters can even set up their withdrawals in any format they find convenient, e.g. auto cash outs, partial cash outs, etc.
  • The Betio team have made sure that sports fans have a big selection of currencies to bet with. Indeed, a platform oriented at an international audience must offer multi-currency betting options in order to succeed and overcome the competition. Plus, the platform accepts not only traditional fiat money but also all popular crypto coins, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, and others. So if you’re relying on cryptocurrencies to play games at Australian casinos and make sports bets, it won’t be an obstacle!
  • The platform supports a mind-blowing variety of odds (decimal odds, fractional odds, moneyline odds, etc.), betting markets, and events. By using the Feed Manager feature, each gambling operator can adapt the platform functionalities to its needs by activating certain types of events, odds and markets and deactivating others. Shape your own lineup of sports events, increase or decrease odds and probabilities, and so on. This creates and encourages an organic competition between bookmakers.

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