Mobile casino has marked a new era in the evolution of online gambling worldwide. The invention of mobile casinos has overhauled the eGambling scene. A multi-functional gaming club and mobile casino has become an answer to the latest needs of the gambling audiences all over the globe. Let’s see what makes online mobile casinos No.1 choice among casino aficionados.

online mobile casino

About an online mobile casino

Let’s start with defining the term “mobile casino”. Most of the time, when talking about online casinos, we imply a web-based casino that you can open in your PC browser. If started on a mobile device, such a casino will either display with errors, or won’t operate at all. For a long time, this has been a major problem for gamblers who don’t own a home computer and prefer to use their smartphone and tablets on a daily basis. Luckily for this category of gamblers, leading casino software manufacturers have solved this problem by introducing mobile casinos.

Basically, a mobile casino online is a regular online casino which is optimized for mobile use. This means that a gaming club and mobile casino can function across all types of hand-held devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile casinos are compatible with portable gadgets running on all widely used operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. Not only the interface, but all casino games are also optimized for mobile play.

Online mobile casinos vs Web-based online casinos

What is a better way to demonstrate the popularity and effectiveness of mobile casinos than statistics? According to the latest surveys, more than 50% of all online gamblers are using their mobile devices to play their favorite casino games. This is a huge number that shows the true value of a mobile casino. But the question is: Why do gamblers gravitate towards mobile casinos, choosing them over web-based casino versions? Let’s try to find an answer to this question together!

The best mobile casino is handy 24/7

When playing at a regular web-based online casino, you only have a limited freedom and flexibility. In other words, you’re literally tied to your personal computer or laptop. Your only choice is to play in your room on your home computer. With the emergence of a gaming club and mobile casino, the situation has changed completely. Now you can play your favorite games on your mobile gadget, meaning you’re free to gamble everywhere. If the weather is fine, you can go to a park, sit on a bench or grass, and enjoy dynamic slots, breathtaking roulette or any other games that you fancy. Let others stay at home! With an entire casino on your gadget, you can play wherever you’re! Plus, you can play whenever you have a free minute. Have a break in between the lectures at the university? Great! Why not relax and play some poker or baccarat? It’ll be a nice distraction from boring classes, don't you think?

Online mobile casino gives you bonuses

When playing at a mobile casino for real money, you can benefit from nice bonuses. It’s true that some online casinos encourage their clients to use their mobile apps. And what is the best way to urge a gambler to do something? Offer them a juicy bonus, of course! If you’re using a mobile casino online, you become eligible for special bonuses for mobile gamblers. While these bonuses are not particularly big, they’ll still make a nice addition to your bankroll, extend your play times, and allow you to make more bets on top-class gambling games.

Mobile casino online has a huge suite of games

When it comes to the selection of games, mobile casinos can easily beat their web-based counterparts! Not only does an online mobile casino have a decent choice of games, but its catalogue often surpasses that of a regular online casino.

A reputable casino for mobile devices tends to offer the following types of games:

  • 3D video slots and classic slots (3-reelers);
  • different types of roulette;
  • 10+ blackjack variations;
  • 10+ poker variations;
  • endless video poker games;
  • Keno;
  • craps;
  • dice;
  • Sic Bo;
  • Wheel of Fortune;
  • Scratch cards;
  • and many more.

The list of thrilling mobile casino games can go on and on. All of these games are developed and designed with the needs of mobile users in mind. They have an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface. Plus, they’re super light, which makes them an ideal solution for smartphones and tablets. Mobile games start instantly and run without annoying lags or freezes. If you’re still back and forth about using a gambling club and mobile casino, go ahead and try it yourself! We have no doubts that you’ll remain speechless at how smoothly mobile games will be running on your hand-held device. Believe us, mobile gambling is an enjoyment second to none!

New mobile casinos

There is no denying that new mobile casinos open up a plethora of exciting gambling opportunities in front of players. New online mobile casinos offer jaw-dropping igaming catalogues compared to which the selection of games at land-based casinos looks like a joke. On top of that, new mobile casinos are very meticulous about keeping their igaming portfolios up-to-date. Any reputable gaming club and mobile casino is committed to constantly adding fresh releases to their collection. This way, mobile users are among the first gamblers who get to explore brand new slots, blackjack games, video poker machines, and other gaming apps that recently hit the market.

How to access a gaming club and mobile casino

If you’ve decided to start using a casino for mobile devices, you’re sure to find the information below useful. Some online casinos have mobile apps which have been developed especially for mobile users. If your online casino of choice has a mobile app of its own, you need to download it to your portable device. Every time you feel like gambling, instead of opening the casino site in your mobile browser, you simply need to start the app.

At the same time, not every gambling website has a dedicated mobile app. Instead, some casinos have mobile-optimized websites. Such websites have been programmed for mobile use. You’ll have no trouble opening a mobile-optimized site in any mobile browser, whether it’s Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. Plus, you can continue using this website in your PC browser. In other words, such websites boast an unprecedented versatility, allowing gamblers to access mobile casinos across all types of devices without worrying if their device is supported by the casino.

FAQ on mobile casinos

- Is it true that mobile games are not quite like web-based games?

- No. It’s a common myth that we’d like to debunk once and for all. We won’t get tired of stressing that mobile-optimized casino games are the exact copies of their web-based prototypes. If you find yourself in doubt, go ahead and make a small experiment. Pick a game and play it on your PC computer. Then download the mobile app and test the same game on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll see that the game has the exact same plot, RTP, payouts, multipliers, bonus games, special symbols, and so on. The only difference between mobile and web-based games is that the former can run on hand-held devices.

- Are mobile-optimized games available in demo mode?

- Of course. When playing at a gaming club and mobile casino, you can choose between two options. If you feel like you lack the necessary skills or simply basic knowledge of how the mobile game works, we strongly recommend that you stick with demo mode for some time. Take it slow, play with virtual chips, and gain some much-needed experience. No need to rush into real-money play! You can do that at any time by simply registering with the mobile casino online and funding your account. Placing real money wagers is associated with certain risks. It takes plenty of discipline and strong will. When starting to play at a mobile casino for real money, stick with small bets. This way, even if you hit a losing streak, your losses won’t blow a hole in your gambling budget. Once you’ve achieved a certain level of expertise, you can start raising your bets. Avoid going too far, though. Larger bets mean larger potential losses. Always keep your head cool, whether you’re playing at a mobile casino, or on a regular gambling site.