Fantastic online slots are, hands down, the hallmark of the e-gambling industry. Vibrant and dynamic, slots have a multi-million fan base all over the globe. The wild popularity of these casino games is a phenomenon which is yet to be studied. In this article, we’ll look at what makes online slots the first choice of casino enthusiasts. Let’s unravel the secret of popularity of top Australian slots together and see what makes them so special!

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About online slots

Gambling is the favorite pastime of millions of gamblers in the US, Canada, Australia, China, etc. There’re hundreds of countries where gambling and sports betting are considered extremely popular hobbies. With the transition of gambling from land-based casinos to websites, gambling has become more accessible and available for wider audiences. The invention of online gambling was a major turning point that changed the gambling industry once and for all. Online casinos offer a mind-blowing selection of casino games, including slot machines, card games, craps, video poker, and many others. However, the overwhelming majority of casino fans prefer slots to any other casino game, however entertaining or well-paying.

Why you should choose top Australian slots

Still, there are players who lean into other casino games, whether it’s blackjack or roulette. If you’re one of these gamblers, chances are that you’ve never played the best online pokies in your life. What a pity! You don’t know what you’ve been missing! Allow us to convince you otherwise and break down the strong points of online pokies. Who knows? You might change your mind and grow to love amazing pokies online!

  • High quality pokies for real money are among the best-paying casino games out there. When playing online slots, you stand a real chance of making some good money without any effort on your side! Top-tier online pokies have attractive payback rates that range between 94% to 98%. As for the leading slot manufacturers, they produce the best online pokies with the 96% RTP and higher. This means that online slots have the house edge of about 2-3%. Anyway, it hardly ever exceeds 4%. For a luck-based game, the casino advantage like that is considered pretty low.
  • When playing online slots, you can relax and truly enjoy gambling. Since slots are a game of chance, you can’t do anything to boost your winning chances and flip the house edge in your favor. That’s why you don’t need to analyze your and your opponents’ moves, apply the optimal strategy or use other techniques and tricks in order to win. Playing slots is all about spinning the reels, landing winning combinations, and enjoying mini bonus games! No analysis, no strategic moves, no plans. That’s why it’s safe to say that playing old but good slots is the purest form of gambling. So, if you’re into blackjack or poker with their complicated gameplays, slots can become the distraction that you’re subconsciously craving! Turn on your favorite music, make yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger), sit back, and spin the reels! Playing slots is an ideal opportunity to relax after a hectic week at work, let off steam, and recharge your mental batteries. Vibrant and electrifying, the best online pokies will take you to a new world!
  • You can choose the right level of complexity in terms of gameplay. Online pokies fall into two major categories: classic slots and video slots. Classic slots are old school pokies online that have a very simplistic, straightforward gameplay without any mini games, bonus features or plot twists. Classic slots target gamblers who feel nostalgic about old mechanical slots. When playing classic pokies, you simply spin the reels and land winning combos. It’s a routine play process but some players love this type of gambling. At the same time, there are players who gravitate towards more intricate slots. These games are called 3D video slots. This type of online slots has a distinctive theme, well-developed plot, and interesting characters. Plus, video slots are packed with bonus games, massive multipliers, Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, and other features that boost your winnings. When playing this type of online pokies, you need to be more concentrated. You need to follow the plot and complete the tasks that can generate more payouts. Which side are you on? Which type of online slots do you prefer?
  • Finally, let’s talk about diversity. It’s safe to say that no other casino game can offer as many exciting variations as the best online pokies. If you visit a good online casino, it’ll probably have 5 roulette variations, 10 or so blackjack games, and a couple of dozens of video poker games. These numbers can’t even compare with the selection of world-class slots! Nowadays, gambling sites offer 300-500 slot titles that you can play either in demo mode or for real money. Browsing through the endless catalogue of slots and seeing the stunning choice of top-of-the-line slots is a truly fantastic feeling! Each slot title is like a multi-faceted personality that is waiting to make your acquaintance. You’ll spend months before you’ve played every single slot game on the casino’s portfolio. On top of that, the leading online casinos are constantly adding brand new releases to their collections, so you’re unlikely to run out of slots to play!

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Have we succeeded in convincing you to try out online slots? We sincerely hope you’ll give these amazing games a chance they deserve. Online gambling offers a mind-blowing variety of exciting casino games, and it would be foolish to dedicate all your play time to just one or two games. You should explore new games and expand your horizons!

FAQ on the best online pokies

- What bonuses can I use to play online slots?

- Online casinos give out a bunch of juicy bonuses to their beloved clients. The most common types of bonuses include a signup bonus, deposit bonus, VIP bonus, weekend bonus, to name a few. Once you’ve claimed the bonus, you can spend it on any games you like, whether it’s pokies for real money, poker, baccarat, roulette, craps, etc. Your choice of game doesn’t make any difference. However, when it comes to completing the wagering requirements on your bonuses, the situation changes. The thing is that casinos limit the range of games that count towards fulfilling the wagering requirements. Most of the time, players are asked to do that on specified slots. You can find the list of eligible slots in the Bonus Terms on the gambling site.

- What are the best online pokies?

- Each industry has its leading companies that set the trends and define the market growth. Online gambling is no exception. Here are the names of the biggest slot providers that have been shaping the igambling market for years, surprising slot fans with stunning slot titles: Microgaming, IGT, BetSoft, Quickspin, etc. At the same time, it’d be silly to ignore emerging brands that are just starting to pave their way through the highly competitive casino software development market. Pay closer attention to such companies as Wazdan, Yggdrasil, Read Tiger Gaming, and some others. Despite their young age, these ambitious providers have already earned a good name for themselves, creating high-quality pokies with superb graphics, realistic animations, and lavish extra features.

- How can I win big on slots?

- It’s a very common question among novice gamblers. Unfortunately, when it comes to “winning big”, fickle slots can guarantee you nothing. How much money you’re going to make playing slots depends on how lucky you are. Running on the RNG (random number generator) algorithm, online slots are totally unpredictable. There is no way you - or any other gambler, however professional - can determine the outcome of the next spin. This is true for both regular payouts and progressive jackpots. We recommend that you abandon all thoughts of winning a quick buck on slots and just learn to enjoy these fabulous games. Once you forget about money, you’re sure to hit a juicy payout, and then the next one, and the next one! We wish lots of luck exploring online slots!