Mobile casino games for real money are exactly what you need to elevate your casino experience. Mobile gambling is the staple of e-gambling scene. Name an online casino, and chances are that you can play its games on mobile devices, along with your personal computer. Let’s dive deeper into the magical world of mobile gambling and see how it makes gamblers’ lives better.

mobile casino games

Why you should play online mobile casino games

Despite the ever-growing popularity of new mobile casino games, there is still a big category of gamblers who remain skeptical about casino mobile games. While realizing the multiple advantages of mobile gambling, they’re still on the fence about their worth. If you belong within this group of players, this quick guide is just what you need. In this guide, we’re going to persuade you that mobile gambling holds the future of e-gambling, and if you want to remain a part of this amazing gambling community, you must give casino mobile games a try.

Mobile casino games vs Web-based games

Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths surrounding mobile casino games for real money. And it’s hardly surprising that most of these myths are just prejudices and rumors that have nothing to do with reality. One of such brutal misconceptions concerns the quality of mobile-optimized games. Some players believe that mobile casino games are the “simplified” versions of their web-based counterparts. According to these groundless assumptions, the best casino games for Android have fewer features and betting options, rudimentary graphics, and basic storytelling. Plus, mobile-friendly games are often said to pay less than games at regular online casinos.

Needless to say, the very idea of new mobile casino games being inferior to web-based games is preposterous. Both mobile casino games for real money and traditional online games are produced by the same casino software brands, such as BetSoft, Microgaming, IGT, Play’n Go, EvoPlay, and others. These companies have the hard-earned reputation for being the ultimate experts in casino software development. Their mobile games are the exact copies of web-based games. If you compare the mobile and web-based versions of the same slot machine, you’ll spot no difference whatsoever! The two games will have the same name, plot, graphics, animations, number of reels, multipliers, special symbols, payouts, and jackpots. There is nothing a web-based game has that its mobile version doesn’t have. If, for some reason, you don’t believe us, you can easily make sure for yourself!

Top-rated mobile casino games

Any legal casino with mobile games offers a myriad of casino entertainments to keep the pickiest of gamblers happy. Let’s take a quick look at the most played mobile casino games for real money that attract millions of online gamblers.

  • Mobile slots. Slot machines are the heart and soul of any online casino with mobile games. If you happen to be an ardent fan of pokies, you’re a truly lucky person because gambling sites offer a stunning selection of video slots themed around a variety of topics, from movies, to adventures, to history. Slots are among the highest-paying mobile casino games out there, so if you’re after juicy winnings, you’re on the right track. Another major upside to slots is that they’re tremendously easy to play. Pick a slot that resonates with you, place a bet, select the number of active paylines, and spin the vibrant reels! The electrifying power of mobile slots won’t leave you indifferent!
  • Mobile blackjack. Blackjack is, hands down, the king of all table games. While blackjack is considered a rather tricky mobile casino game, it’s not nearly as scary as they say. If you’re determined to master this game, you’re sure to succeed. The main attraction about mobile blackjack is that it has the basic strategy that can work magic on your financial performance as a gambler. If you take the time to learn the optimal strategy for blackjack and adhere to it throughout the game, you’ll have all chances to minimize the house edge all the way down to 0.5%. With due training and patience, you can even start making consistent profits on blackjack and this is not a joke! We can assure you that after you’ve tried the amazing game of blackjack, your life will be divided into ”before” and “after”!
  • Mobile baccarat. Among the best casino games for Android, baccarat holds a special place. Despite being played with cards like blackjack or poker, baccarat is a guessing game. This means that the outcome of the game is determined by chance. Before the game even starts, you need to choose the outcome to wager your money on (Banker’s hand, Player’s hand, and Tie). The funny thing is that you don’t know how the game will end, so you’ll have to take a blind guess. If you’re curious to test your gut feeling, you’re more than welcome to play baccarat. Dynamic and entertaining, this mobile casino game will keep you good company!
  • Mobile craps. When playing mobile games at a casino, you can’t possibly overlook the magnetic game of craps. If you enjoy watching dice being rolled out on the table, you’re sure to grow mesmerized by this simple yet highly engaging mobile casino game. When playing mobile craps, you need to predict the dice total. The game is simmering with exciting terms, such as “come-out roll”, “pass line”, “don’t pass”, “natural”, and others. Curious to discover the meaning behind these terms? Dice is a flexible game, providing gamblers with multiple betting options with different winning odds. Making money on craps is a breeze. For example, the Free Odds bets boast a 0% house edge, while the Come and Pass bets have a small house edge of 1.41%.

How to play new mobile casino games

Okay, now that you’re probably convinced that mobile casino games for real money deserve a chance, you must be wondering how you can access them. What do you need to do? Are there any special recommendations that beginning mobile gamblers should know about?

From a technical point of view, playing casino games on mobile devices is no different than gambling on your home computer. If you have at least basic experience playing games on your PC, you’ll have not the slightest trouble switching to mobile gambling. The only thing you need to do is to download the casino mobile app.

Nowadays, most online casinos have dedicated mobile apps. A mobile app is a software that contains all casino games which are available on the casino site, with the only difference being that these games are optimized for mobile use. There are different apps for different types of devices. Most of the time, you’ll find casino apps for major operating systems, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. You need to download the right app to your smartphone or tablet. From then on, every time you feel like playing casino games for Android, you simply need to start the app. The mobile casino app will update automatically, providing you with the newest slots, roulette games, video poker machines, and so on.

If you fail to find the mobile casino app on the gambling site, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support and ask them about it. The thing is that some online casinos have mobile-friendly websites, meaning that you don’t need a dedicated mobile app to access the best casino games for Android. Since the casino site is compatible with mobile devices, you can open it on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll see that the interface displays correctly, all buttons and menu elements are in the right places, and mobile casino games load fast and run efficiently.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to open a new account with the mobile casino. You can play mobile casino games for real money using the same account that you’ve been using on your personal computer. Log in by entering your existing username and password. You’ll enter your old account, with all your personal information, preferred deposit methods, favorite games, history, casino balance, and more. If you haven’t yet tried mobile casino games for real money, it’s high time that you did that. Mobile gambling is sure to add a new quality to your casino experience, making it more comfortable and flexible!